“The problem is the problem, the person is not the problem.”

Michael White and David Epston

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We use stories constantly – to inform, to connect with others, to share our feelings and experiences, and even to sort out our own thoughts and feelings. Stories are used to organize our thoughts, find meaning and purpose, and establish our sense of identity in this confusing and sometimes lonely world.

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JNTI provides professional, caring and affordable therapy services for the Jerusalem community. With offices located centrally in Kiryat Moshe, our dedicated staff offer a supportive and private place for self-discovery, growth and healing

Narrative Therapy

In narrative therapy, the events that occur over time in a person’s life are viewed as stories, some of which stand out as more significant or more fateful than others. These significant stories, usually stemming from negative events, can ultimately shape one’s identity. Beyond this identity, the narrative therapist views a client’s life as multitiered and full of possibilities that are just waiting to be discovered. The therapist does not act as the expert, but rather helps clients see how they are the experts regarding their own life and, as such, can uncover the dreams, values, goals, and skills that define who they really are, separate from their problems. These are the buried stories that can be rewritten and woven into the ongoing and future story of their lives.


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