Filling Our Hearts

No one is ever
whom you think they will be
they are the sun not the moon,
the wind not the sea.

When you hope for the dew
you might receive rain,
when you plan for the forest
there might be a plain

Where you wanted strength
fear perches at your door.
when calm is called for
anxiety comes forth.

The life seems to ask you
be ready for all
needing to stand
doesn’t mean you won’t fall

I wanted a strong man
yet he withers inside
I thought she was blond
but her hair had been dyed

what if life calls for
a wide open approach
embracing whatever
without a reproach

needed a job
one with security
founded a school
all about creativity

finding myself
has never been light
the journey has offered
unexpected delight

what if we stop
calling the shots
then grace and good humor
can fill up our hearts

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