Detachment and Mindfulness

The easiest way to develop confidence is to detach from the people, events, and emotions that fill us with a sense of doubt and tension. There is a common belief that we have to work out the bad stuff. This belief states we must develop a way of working out our negative emotions and negative relationships.

While this is one way to deal with these experiences, there is another way: Gratitude. By being aware of our blessings and happy for the beauty in the world, we gently push away the current painful challenges. We can breathe and find happiness. I can see;I can walk; I have friends. It is like putting a gentle wall of light between us and our pain, as psychotherapist Dr. Judith Besserman taught. 

Our pain changes as we keep it at a gentle distance. We are not denying it, but we are not letting it run our lives and perceptions. Let peace, gratitude, and mindfulness be your friends and consultants and see what happens!

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