New Online Training for Aspiring Counsellors in Narrative Counselling

Narrative therapy is a style of therapy that helps people become—and embrace being—an expert in their own lives. In narrative therapy, there is an emphasis on the stories we develop and carry with us through our lives. As we experience events and interactions, we give meaning to those experiences and they, in turn, influence how we see ourselves and our world. We can carry multiple stories at once, such as those related to our self-worth, our abilities, our relationships, and our work.  This approach of therapy was developed by Michael White and David Epston,  who believed it was important to see people as separate from their problems.

Syllabus: 12 Week Training

(This a general schedule which might be changed)

Week 1 Transformational Listening 1

Positioning of the student and privileged guest

Externalization 1

2 Transformational Listening 2

Externalization 2

3 Externalizing questions, Joining, 1

Lanscape of action, landsacpe of meaning 1

4 Externalizing Questions 2

5 Questions and more questions

6 Mistakes

note taking

bad good and great questions

7 problem saturated story

8 glimmers

 absent but implicit

9 what the problem blocks

10 scaffolding 

11 Going Lateral and Transparency

12 club of life

Produced by Chana Rachel Frumin
You cannot reproduce any part of this syllabus without written permission:

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