Our Vision

The JNTI was founded 20 years ago on a deep commitment to help people build lives of well-being and meaning.

Our practice is based on a groundbreaking, internationally-known approach to counseling: Narrative Therapy.

  • Narrative Therapy believes people should be seen as separate from their problems. We do not label people as their problems.
  • We see therapy as a highly collaborative process and therefore as a unique journey for each individual.
  • We view people as experts on their lives. We honor their use of language, their values and their understanding of their experiences.
  • Our aim: enabling people to uncover their own internal resources and reclaim their power of choice – creating a better life for themselves.

Our Achievements

Through child, adult and couples counseling, varied support groups and workshops, the JNTI has been privileged to help individuals, couples and families overcome challenges, discover new strengths and live with contribution and well-being.

Our Commitment

  • We are committed to providing high-quality care with a genuine human touch
  • We respect the choices of our clients and their confidentiality.
  • We strive to safeguard the religious values of the client, within the guidelines of halacha.

Our Staff

Our team is uniquely adapted to the needs of the Jewish community. It is comprised of qualified male and female narrative therapists, marital and family counselors and social workers. All are observant, with a range of religious and cultural backgrounds. Several of our staff also have a background in Jewish education.

Our Clinical Advisory Board

Dr Hillel Davis for psychiatric consultation
Yishai Shalif MA, director of school psychological services, Modiin Ilit

Halachic guidance is provided by Rav Zev Leff.

Our Therapy Services

  • Individual child and adult counseling
  • Family and couples counseling and conflict resolution
  • Dating coaching
  • Subsidized therapy

Support Groups & Workshops

  • ‘Tools For Better Dating’ workshop
  • ‘Transformational Listening’ workshop
  • ‘Separation of Food from Stress’ workshop
  • ‘Anti-Addiction’ support group
  • ‘Support in Marriage’ group
  • ‘Dealing with Daily Despair’ support group