From Our Clients

My therapist asked insightful questions to allow me to explore my issues, like a guide on a mountain trail, never imposing but always there, empowering my self-discovery.

-Anonymous, Individual Therapy Client

“You have saved our marriage so far and I can’t wait for more of your help!”

-Anonymous, Marriage Therapy Client


From Our Students

Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute offers a comprehensive course that taught me a new way to listen to people’s problems and ask thought-provoking, sensitive questions that open new possibilities for my clients.

-Julie Dekoven, Children’s Therapist

I took JNTIs Narrative Therapy Course to improve my therapeutic skills. As a clinical social worker, I found the course helpful (in my own interpersonal relationships) as well as professional. Each session included strategies, opportunities to practice the skills learned, and- of course- Chana Rachel’s highly intuitive and personal approach. I highly recommend it to anyone working in the therapeutic field.

-Batya Morris, LCSW

I find Chana Rachel to be an inspiring powerful dynamic educator. Her dedication and love of narrative therapy is so real. Her classes are very practical based, constantly honing her students to become better therapists.

A lot of time is spent either working in a group setting or one one one, with the aim to train and practice the techniques unique to Narrative Therapy. Feedback and discussion remain central to the classes, where the students can clarify what worked and what was challenging.

Chana shares with her students from all the teachers she’s learned from. She will share how Michael White would approach a subject and how Johnella Bird or David Epstein would discuss a concept. In this way, Narrative Therapy seems always to be expanding and growing and developing, while at the same time we are reminded that Narrative remains anchored in the belief that the client remains the author of her/ his story. The client has the resources to create his unique meaningful preferred story. The therapist is there to facilitate that exploration and is enriched through that process. These concepts are continually highlighted.

I always come out of classes feeling that I have discovered a new jewel of insight and understanding.

-Baruch Joffe

Having completed the training class in Narrative Therapy, which was taught and supervised by Chana Rachel Frumin, the Jerusalem Narrative Therapy Institute Director, I whole heartedly recommend this course.

This is a wonderful opportunity for professionals in the health fields, teachers, rabbis and anyone who has a desire to grow spiritually and emotionally. Narrative Therapy has much to offer including the skills needed to really listen to ourselves and others (be they clients, friends, or family) without judging or interpreting their words.

Chana Rachel Frumin is an excellent teacher and trainer as well as an experienced therapist. She actually studied under the very founders of “Narrative Therapy” and uses her vast knowledge and many skills to develop a caring staff and build The Jerusalem Narrative therapy Institute, which seeks to make itself available to those in need by way of “affordable counseling,” various classes, lectures, and courses such as this one.

-Rabbi Mordechai Meltzer, M.A. CASAP

From Our Peers

Perhaps the story is apocryphal, but someone once asked Milton Erickson, “How do you make a great therapist?” He answered, “First you find a great therapist and then teach him or her techniques.” Chana Rachel is such a great therapist to start with. Sensitive, caring, curious and insightful to start with. Beyond that, she has worked hard to become a master Narrative Therapist and teacher. Chana Rachel and I worked side by side for many years, but I often felt like a student by watching how she handled difficult situations or asked healing questions. She is always humble and eager to learn ​new ideas that might help herself and others. 

I have many Chana Rachel stories but this is a favorite. Once while in session with a husband and wife, after a harsh exchange between the two, the woman had flashbacks to a time when she was 11 years old, struggling with PTSD symptoms. I had no idea what to do. I was so taken aback by the speed and intensity of the change that I excused myself and interrupted Chana Rachel (who worked in the room next to mine) to ask for help. She came into the room, calmed the situation down and helped the woman back into her present reality. I said to Chana Rachel, “These are your clients! I am transferring them to you!” Always the teacher, Chana Rachel said, “No, we’ll work together with them.” 

Anyone who has the privilege to learn from Chana Rachel can only benefit from her wisdom, creativity, and professionalism. I highly recommend her as a teacher and therapist.

​David Kaufman
Director of Outreach and Education at JACS
Jewish Addiction Community Services
Canadian Certified Addiction Counselor
Nationally Certified Internet Addiction Coach​

I have known Chana Rachel Frumin as student, teacher, colleague and friend. Her work as a narrative therapist is inspirational, as is her unflagging desire to grow and learn new ideas and methods. As an instructor I have been impressed and moved by her mastery of the narrative method, her broad knowledge and experience, and her eloquent presentations. Without doubt, I have grown greatly as a therapist and person from her classes and supervision. 

Rabbi Chaim Tabasky
JNTI Therapist