Arie Romano is a compassionate man and passionate about living a life of awareness and presence, well-being and loyalty to truth. He first realized about healing at a young age through drumming and playing music. Along the path he studied BA International Relations in Mexico, worked in private, public, NGO, volunteer, governmental and global sectors such as UNESCO in Paris and he holds an MSc Social and Cultural Psychology by the LSE.

Listening to his heart throughout his life has guided him through many ways of being and led him to a possibility of accessing holy resources for the elevation of consciousness and a deep understanding of the diversity of intra- and inter-personal processes. He experiences tremendous gratitude for that and through meditation and the use of other techniques he continues to explore them.  Recently moved to Jerusalem where he continues to strive to open up ways of sharing his knowledge. He is a certified Narrative Therapist, a practice that he cherishes and continues to grow in.