Therapy, I don’t like that word. It brings to mind tinkering, you know, some outsider deciding what I’m all about and changing me for their idea of better. I chose Narrative therapy because it doesn’t do that. The word narrative means stories; I’ve been telling stories since I was knee-high to a gnat. But actually, we all make stories about ourselves. Many people have said to me “That’s just who I am.”  That’s fine if you’re happy with it, but most people who come to me are far from happy with their storyline.  Good news, you can change your story.

You might think that you don’t know your story. That’s where I come in, you and I can mooch around and find it.

When we find the storyline, you are living by right now, you can choose what to do. Keep some bits, change or abandon others add something- it’s all up to you.

It’s not about changing, it’s about choosing and we’ll probably have a few laughs on the way.”

My background, nearly 20 years with Narrative, a degree in psychology and a degree in social work. Helped by being an old-time family doctor’s daughter and a polyphiloprogenitive mother.