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An experienced Narrative Therapist, Binyomin has been with the JNTI since 2014 and serves as co-instructor and consultant in our training course for therapists. His passion is to enable self-awareness, growth and choice through affordable counseling. Combining Torah-congruent models of therapy, sensitive listening and a natural empathy, Binyomin seeks to empower his clients to manage their life challenges by drawing on and developing their inner resources, while helping them develop value-based, mindful living. He also offers creative case-consultation for therapists.

Binyomin practices in English and Hebrew and specializes in helping yeshiva/gap-year students and religious men of all backgrounds deal with life, emotional and relationship issues. He has taught Jewish topics and personal growth in several yeshivas and maintains his strong grounding in Torah studies.
His services have been warmly recommended in writing by his mentor, the posek and mashgiach Rabbi Alexander Mandlebaum.